Upholstery Services for Residential Furniture

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Renewal of Sofas, Armchairs, Recliners, Dining Chairs, Headboards, Patio Cushions, and More

  • Furniture Repair
  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Upholstery Repairs
  • Water and Fire Damage Repair
  • Furniture Stripping
  • Painting and Frame Restoration
  • Veneer Repairs
  • Leather Table Tops and Leather Repairs
  • Antique Restoration
  • Re-gluing
  • Carving and Replacement Parts
  • In-Home/Office Repairs
  • On-Site Upholstery & Repair

From repairs to total makeovers, we can make your old furniture brand- new again..

  • We re-spring, re-pad, and repair the frame to like-new condition. We use only the finest materials and have a huge selection of fabrics and leathers for you to select from.
  • When it comes to custom work, we can fabricate any piece of furniture to your specifications, turning your sketch or image into the stunning piece you envision.
  • Antique owners and sellers across the GTA have come to trust Domenic Ricci Custom Upholstery to fully restore their valuable pieces to their original glory.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect design to fit your personality and lifestyle, a huge variety of genres, materials, colours, patterns, and options are available. The gallery below provides an abbreviated spectrum of the visions we have brought to life for our clients.

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Also known as modern, it is created to be comfortable, solid, and, more than anything, natural. With not too many trappings, the colours mostly resonate around black, white, beige, brown, and taupe. Polished surfaces and sleek and geometric designs are often the characteristics that represent contemporary furniture. Though the colours are simple, they are used in a bold and vibrant way for a truly contemporary look.

For instance,

 stark-white cushions on black upholstered sofas make for a bold statement. A lot of metal, fiberglass, and aluminum are also used. The most essential feature of this kind of look is that every piece of furniture is striking and sophisticated. Most people today enjoy designing both their house and office in the contemporary style.



The quintessence of traditional furniture is dark woods with ornate carvings and a majestic appearance. The final look is busy with floor layouts matching the details of the furniture. With classic features of form and ornament, the lines of traditional furniture tend towards being elegant. Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, etc., are some of the common types of traditional furniture.



The more modern trend, urban, leans towards the minimalist. The woods have either a black finish with brushed aluminum highlights and glass or light blond woods with brushed aluminum and glass. The pieces are small and are usually designed for small apartments.


Country and Cottage

Lighter shades of woods, muted colours, simple lines, and vintage fabrics make for country-and-cottage styles. The most important aspect of this type is comfort and colour. Furniture is sometimes painted or decorated, and furniture lines are simple and graceful. Textures include baskets, bead-board walls, natural fibers on the floor, and window coverings, and stressed finish on wooden furniture.



This type of furniture has lines that are simpler than those found in more traditional styles, but they may not be as simple as contemporary. Transitional furniture is about blending the comfort and simplicity of the contemporary with the graceful styling of what is traditional furniture.



An eclectic style is more of an individual choice and may reflect a collection from different time capsules. The overall look of something eclectic comes together through the creative and harmonious use of colour, finish, shape, and texture.



This style of furniture is composed of lots of exposed woods, walls, columns and beams, simple lines and a practical feel. Wood paneling and stone are also used. Rustic furniture looks tough and durable, and accessories may seem primitive and subdued.



If you are looking for good handcrafted furniture, Amish furniture is a great style to consider. Most Amish furniture consists of oak, cedar, or pine. Furniture for every use and space can be found among Amish furnishings.


Art Deco

Art Deco can be geometric and streamlined with bright colours, strong vertical lines, and rounded corners. Mostly of made of exotic woods, the use of Bakelite and Formica is common. Opposing furniture elements are common to this style. One can also find a mix of expensive and inexpensive in this classification.



This is classified as the look of old European furniture and is influenced by Queen Anne and Chippendale styles. Chairs usually have spindled legs and backs instead of ornate characteristics.